Its raining cash for the Indian Army – Rs. 64,000 Crore cleared for Indian Army’s modernization

In what could be the most welcoming news for the Indian Army and an insanely great news for all of us to hear, early in the morning. The Ministry of Defence approved a budget of a whopping Rs. 64,000 Crore for the modernization of Indian Army. Looks like this was done keeping in mind the fast growing neighbor, China. China currently can deploy up to 34 troop divisions (23,000 soldiers in each) in the least possible time, on the borders with India. It also has a defence budget of roughly USD 150 billion per year and has a huge cache of Arms. Enough to give India a scare.

This was about time that India concentrated on our borders with China and did something to instill confidence in the people of our country. And today, the MoD has done, just the same. Barely a week ago an article circulated in the newspapers that Indian Army was in need Rs. 41,000 Crore for its modernization and we barely had enough hardware in case of a two front war with China and Pakistan together. And soon enough their wish was granted. I must say, Shri A.K. Antony is getting the Army what it needs, and being a good, if not great Defence Minister.

Lets see, what all is going to be purchased or brought into action using this money:

  • Army is going to raise 4 new Mountain Strike Corps dedicated to “offensive operations” ALL along the Indo-China border (Loving it 😉 ) – Supposedly the greatest deployment along this border since 1962.
  • Raise two independent brigades, one in Ladakh and one in Uttarakhand.
  • Army will induct 90,000 to 1,00,000 soldiers  as part of its 12th five-year plan from 2012-2017. ALL FOR DEPLOYMENT ALONG INDO-CHINA BORDER
  • A complete overhaul and upgrade of its Logistical capabilities, fire-power.
  • The army’s projected requirement for ultra-light Howitzers for mountains would double. Imagine (145 x 2) M777 Ultra Light Howitzers from the US Army.
  • The helicopter fleet numbers might go up.
  • New helipads, air strips, last mile roads, massive infrastructure build  up, etc, etc.
  • Troop expansion in Andaman and Nicobar Islands too.
I am just hoping that some part of it also goes for the F-INSAS project and soon all our Infantry gets equipped with all the latest gadgets they were promised and shown. If not all of them, i wish against all hopelessness that they at least get proper Kevlar and body armor, like the ones US soldiers have, or even better. Also they should get proper assault rifles, to put in proper words, highly modernized assault rifles with scopes.
Currently the proposal of the budget is pending with the Cabinet Committee on Security for Approval and financial sanction. Once we get this, its gonna be one heck of a make over for the Indian Army, baby…!!! 🙂 Now China has a reason to be afraid and the people at the Indian Borders, a reason to be celebrated.
Be back soon with more updates…
~Naveen K
(Thanks to all news articles for the valuable info)