Books can be harmful? I don’t know. I never had a liking for them. But then…

I never knew books could have so much impact on someone…! I hated books, I did. I hated them for my whole life and may be will hate forever. I was a good student, it is my responsibility to hate them. But somehow I bought a novel and read it. It kept me captivated, the first few lines were enough. I read it like I was being paid for it. And yeah, the previous sentence, I stole from that book. I never knew that a novel could get me so emotional, I’m normally not like that. Knowing that what I was reading, was a real life story, just added to what was going on in my mind. I don’t know what was happening but I lived the entire book in my mind and I did not know that I was in real, feeling sad, happy, angry, beating up stuff while I was reading it. I still cannot take my mind off it, off that book. I did not like the way the book ended, knowing that it really did happen. A beautiful girl, who lived for a guy, lived for him like that was the only thing God had made her for, died in the end. The title of the book was weirdly making a lot of sense as I started reaching its end. I was angry at the hero, I was furious at him for how it ended but later I realized that I should be equally angry at myself. Because, I was continuously supporting him, everything he had done till now. Had it been my life, I would have probably done the same too. Who knows..!I was an angry young guy like him at his age.. It was at that moment I realized, how good books were. I realized that, it, this guy’s life, in the form of a novel, taught me something very valuable and I did not have to pay such a heavy price to learn whatever his story had to offer. This book had me by my balls right from the moment I read its first line. I was dying to finish it. I did, in less than half a day. This book made me wonder about life, it is, even as I’m writing this gibberish, whatever it is, God knows…! I wondered how life, God or whoever it is that is controlling us, played games with us, toyed with us. I don’t know.. How things can change in just a fraction of a micro second.. How they can spiral into a million dominos falling in sequence, which cannot be undone again.. A book, made me write all this.. It taught me something, made me wonder about a lot of things, made me read some more and some more and some more.. The book ended on a sad note, which I did not expect. You see I was a movie loving guy, I was naturally expecting a happy ending. A sad ending was okay but not like this. But knowing that the book was on a real life story, made a little sense when I saw the ending of the book going into a sad note.. I always feel that a lot of aspects in life do not really have a happy ending, you know..! Get what I mean? Well, all I know and call tell is that its a great book. I loved every single moment I spent reading it.. Just after reading some 2-3 books I should be telling this but THIS book will be very dear to my heart. A book had left me wondering and I am impressed. It will definitely be very near and dear to me. I would hate it if some other book took away this feeling from me, but then again, I hope some book does. I wish the author (Sachin Garg) showed his girl’s (Kanika’s) picture to me. I don’t know why, but my first reaction after finishing the book was this.

I have no clue if even a single god damn soul would is understanding what I am trying to tell here…! But hey, I was and may always be a guy with millions and gazillions of unexpressed feelings and thoughts in his heart who never knew how to put them out. But I will keep trying to…

The book I’m talking about is “Never let me go” by Sachin Garg. I’m not an expert reader, hell, I’m not even close to a shitty reader but I fell deeply in love with the story in this book.



(Pics taken from Google. I apologize if I pissed anyone by taking them without their permission)

~Naveen K