Where Will Your Country Stand in World War III?


In the recent Panama Papers scandal, journalists analyzed 11.5 million documents using network graphs to trace the use of offshore tax structures. In this chapter, we use a network graph technique called Social Network Analysis (SNA) to map weapons transfer between countries. By analyzing bilateral weapons trade, a network of multilateral ties can be distilled, providing insights into the complex arena of international politics.

SNA is based on mathematics and computer science concepts, and is applied in many social science disciplines. It analyzes relationships between individuals, uncovering social circles and influential people within a network. For instance, it can identify the main character in Game of Thrones, a popular television series. SNA is also used in government intelligence to map out crime rings and terrorist cells. Apart from people, other entities such as objects can be mapped in a network as well.

Introduction to Graphs

In SNA, network structures…

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